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Advantage of Owning a Car


When we think of cars, trucks, and other automobiles, we think of freedom and necessity. However, we often neglect the ways to make a car work for you and your personal life. Naturally, we all have some idea of how these two intersect, but we may not know the whole story. Having a car can do a number of things to improve your personal life, if only you know where to look. Here are a few suggestions for how to get your car to go that extra mile (get it?) in improving your social life.

First and foremost, your car provides you with a somewhat unique boon when it comes to you and your friends. You can use your car to ferry friends around on the weekends and be “that friend with the car.” Being the one in your group responsible for road trips and trips to the movies is a super satisfying role to fill in your group, and it will be a great time for your friends, so go ahead and get some weekend movie tickets from Fandango and get started being the cornerstone of your group’s weekend hangouts.

Another way to take advantage of having a car is dating. You’ve no doubt heard in high school that girls like boys with cars, and that’s sort of how that works. You don’t need a car to score a date, but it helps if you can be the source of transportation for your and your date. More options and opportunities are available to a couple with wheels, and simply picking up your date for a late dinner will be a greatly appreciated gesture.

There are countless other ways to eke out other advantages inherent in owning a car, but perhaps these are the most valuable. If not, perhaps this article will give the the proper creative mindset to find new opportunities for yourself.