Simply register from your social network account or via a mobile application to be able to share your trip with others as part of a carpool. Just finding the most suitable site is not always easy, although some are more reputable than others. Here’s a tip based on 3 basic criteria that make an online reservation reliable.

Go through a comparison site

Carpooling is certainly an economical solution to limit the number of cars on the road, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is why the concept is based on sharing, which is generally free of charge. A car belonging to one of several people sharing the same route is used and in exchange the travel costs correspond to the sharing of tolls and fuel. The principle is indeed simple, the driver is not allowed to make a profit. Some sites communicate the tariffs proposed by these drivers but it is also necessary to take into account the additional costs taken by these Platforms for the cancellation among others, or their commission.

Ensuring the quality of information

Going through a comparator site certainly makes it possible to find the cheapest fare for the same journey only the choice for the one that meets one’s needs would be to sort among those that give the most details. Information about the route and the driver can easily be found in the notices left by fellow drivers. It is also possible to find the most appropriate “carpool” online by visiting sites that provide information on the comfort of the car, the driver’s seniority in the Platform, and even people sharing the same route. It should be noted that passengers can also propose an announcement and present their preferences for the pleasure of sharing their musical tastes en route, for example.

Go through a secure site

The reliability of a site relies mainly on the protection of its customers’ personal information. Vigilance is thus required before creating an account by making sure that this point is indicated in the confidentiality section of the general conditions. All the more so for those who have to deal with payment sites, this mention must be the subject of particular attention. Some sites even offer payment by credit card in exchange for a commission. The advantage of such a transaction is the possibility for the driver to receive his money as soon as the journey is completed by receiving a code via his mobile phone. For others, payment is made directly in person during the journey.

Are you planning to buy a vehicle for your next vacation? Why not opt for a low-mileage car? But before you start, it is strongly advised to know what you want: How much? Which model should you choose? But most of all, you need to know in this article, what a low mileage car is. Lighting up now!

A car with low mileage in length, width and crossways

This is because we are talking about new vehicles that have been put on the market at an affordable price and are inactive in a dealer network. With a used car with less mileage, you can afford a vehicle that has been driven very little (no more than 100 kilometres) while taking advantage of an attractive discount, relative to its initial price. Also, with the help of vehicle manufacturers, these lower-mileage opportunities also benefit from sufficient warranties such as a manufacturer’s warranty.

Ask yourself the right questions

For more information, you can use the issues of the specialized newspapers dedicated to this subject.

You should also pay attention to the brand’s notoriety, as prejudices evolve. Reliable brands may have evolved to the negative. Take into account the price of spare parts, which is undoubtedly higher for foreign brands (excluding Italian).

Take some time to carry out a market analysis

It is essential to learn to know where you are heading. This is why it is highly recommended to know and look at the market prices of Peugeot used cars. This will enable you to avoid inflated prices. In practice, don’t hesitate to look at the prices of the vehicle’s Argus rating. Then compare the various classified ad websites. The next action would be to study the car budget. Indeed, the acquisition of a used car is a significant position in the household car budget. Don’t forget to take into account the additional costs such as car maintenance, loan repayment (in case of a loan), car registration and insurance contributions. Once you have bought your car, it is strongly advised to take care of it in order to keep it for as long as possible.

Due to its temporary nature, temporary car insurance is particularly aimed at motorists who are looking for short-term cover that suits their specific needs. It should be stressed, however, that such a contract nevertheless offers limited cover and is subject to specific rules. Close-up on what provisional car insurance is all about

What is term auto insurance?

As its name suggests, term auto insurance is an insurance policy that is in place for a specific period of time to meet the specific needs of motorists. Its validity, which generally varies between one day and 90 days, is shorter than that of a conventional car insurance policy and is therefore of no interest to those who use their car on a daily basis. Thanks to provisional car insurance, you don’t have to bother paying an annual premium. At the end of the period of validity, the motorist does not have to terminate the contract because it is not renewed and automatically fades away. The next day, if he takes his car out, he will be driving without insurance. The driver can then renew it if he so chooses.

P.S. Term auto insurance generally offers basic coverage: liability insurance, which is the legal minimum for motorists, and legal protection. Depending on offers and insurance companies, other optional coverages may be added to the basic contract.

When should I buy term auto insurance?

There are generally certain situations in which temporary car insurance is recommended: temporary use of an uninsured car; car rental; traveling to a country not covered by the driver’s current car insurance; purchase of a vehicle from a foreign country; following cancellation of the car insurance contract; driving in France with a foreign license; purchase of a car at auction; etc.

Taking out temporary car insurance: conditions of subscription

Today’s insurers are becoming more and more fussy when it comes to temporary car insurance. Thus, in order to temporarily insure his car, the driver must meet certain conditions. In principle, temporary car insurance is only available to drivers who have held a driving licence for at least two years and to drivers over the age of 21. However, some insurance companies require the driver to be no more than 75 years of age. In addition, the motorist must demonstrate exemplary driving behaviour. This means that the driver must not have committed any traffic violations resulting in a licence suspension or cancellation.

Once eligible, the driver only has to gather all the supporting documents required by his insurer: copy of the vehicle registration card of the vehicle to be provisionally insured, copy of the driver’s licence and copy of the driver information statement.

All land motor vehicles must be covered at least by a third party liability insurance. However, companies usually offer more extensive offers for those seeking more or less comprehensive coverage. But what is “all-risk” car insurance?

All-risk insurance: what exactly is it?

Certainly, within the year, the insurance contract can require a fairly large budget. However, having a good guarantee must be the main concern of motorists in order to avoid many financial inconveniences in the event of a claim. Indeed, third-party insurance is limited to compensation for damage caused to third parties (bodily injury and property damage). But with “all-risk” insurance, the driver will benefit from high levels of guarantees: coverage of damage following an at-fault or not-at-fault accident, driver coverage, unidentified third parties, vandalism, natural disasters… In short, in the event of a glitch, the insured can claim higher reimbursements without waiting for the dispute to be settled.

Attention! In the event of driving under the influence of drugs and without a valid driving licence, the contract will not be valid.

What are the different options included in the all-risk insurance?

Unlike an intermediate insurance, the all-risk car insurance offers higher guarantees. To optimize the premium, it is possible to personalize the content of your contract. The “all accidents” damage cover covers the insured’s car in the event of damage, regardless of the nature of the claim. The glass breakage coverage comes into play for the repair or replacement of the rear window, side windows or windshield. In the event of attempted theft, the insured will be compensated up to the value of the vehicle, while the fire coverage covers the vehicle for all types of losses under certain conditions. Finally, in the event of a dispute, legal protection will allow the driver to benefit from tailor-made assistance throughout the process. In any case, all-risk car insurance usually offers very low deductibles.

How can you save on all-risk car insurance?

Clearly, all-risk coverage is the best insurance on the market, but it is also the most expensive. In general, the price will depend on the insurer, the profile of the driver and the vehicle. To find the best coverage at the best price, it is best to compare offers. Thanks to online comparators, you can access a variety of offers with just a few clicks. What’s more, this tool is free and without obligation. You can also use an insurance broker. However, there is a charge for this service.

In addition, don’t hesitate to negotiate the deductible, i.e. the portion that will be charged to the client following a claim. It can be expressed as a percentage, a fixed amount or both at the same time.

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