Simply register from your social network account or via a mobile application to be able to share your trip with others as part of a carpool. Just finding the most suitable site is not always easy, although some are more reputable than others. Here's a tip based on 3 basic criteria that make an online reservation reliable.

Go through a comparison site

Carpooling is certainly an economical solution to limit the number of cars on the road, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is why the concept is based on sharing, which is generally free of charge. A car belonging to one of several people sharing the same route is used and in exchange the travel costs correspond to the sharing of tolls and fuel. The principle is indeed simple, the driver is not allowed to make a profit. Some sites communicate the tariffs proposed by these drivers but it is also necessary to take into account the additional costs taken by these Platforms for the cancellation among others, or their commission.

Ensuring the quality of information

Going through a comparator site certainly makes it possible to find the cheapest fare for the same journey only the choice for the one that meets one's needs would be to sort among those that give the most details. Information about the route and the driver can easily be found in the notices left by fellow drivers. It is also possible to find the most appropriate "carpool" online by visiting sites that provide information on the comfort of the car, the driver's seniority in the Platform, and even people sharing the same route. It should be noted that passengers can also propose an announcement and present their preferences for the pleasure of sharing their musical tastes en route, for example.

Go through a secure site

The reliability of a site relies mainly on the protection of its customers' personal information. Vigilance is thus required before creating an account by making sure that this point is indicated in the confidentiality section of the general conditions. All the more so for those who have to deal with payment sites, this mention must be the subject of particular attention. Some sites even offer payment by credit card in exchange for a commission. The advantage of such a transaction is the possibility for the driver to receive his money as soon as the journey is completed by receiving a code via his mobile phone. For others, payment is made directly in person during the journey.