Being a bad driver means that you have committed traffic violations. Malus is therefore an expression of your accident percentage. This calculation factor is very useful for insurers looking to determine your risk of having an accident. If you have too much malus, some insurers may increase your insurance premiums and may even refuse to renew your contract. In this case, in case of malus, you need to know how to find the right insurers.

What are the impacts of malus on a car insurance?

The law is clear: every car must have insurance to be able to drive. However, collecting a large number of malus points means that you will be monitored by your insurers. In fact, being malus means that you have already committed at least one traffic violation that can lead to an accident. As a result, some insurers do not hesitate to charge you a higher premium than usual because of your fairly high accident risk. In fairly serious cases, such as the withdrawal of a licence following a blood alcohol concentration, your insurers may even cancel your insurance contract. The problem is finding insurance that accepts your case at an affordable price and with a large number of guarantees.

How do I find malus insurance?

Finding a malus insurer is not easy. Given your history of high accident risk, you will have a hard time finding insurance that will accept your case. On top of that, the law on driving insurance has become much stricter since the beginning of 2019. In this case, it is imperative to find an insurer for these drivers. Nevertheless, there are formulas adapted to bad drivers at different prices. To do so, simply go to comparative insurance sites. The most important thing is to find insurance that offers the most guarantees for your situation. However, these insurers ask for many conditions to avoid a recurrence on your part.

What should you do if an insurer refuses to insure you?

In some cases, it is possible that insurers may refuse to insure you because of your higher malus. To get your car back on the road, you can call the Central Underwriting Office. This office can help you find a malus insurer. To do so, it can force the insurer to accept your subscription. Simply contact the BCT so that your case can be settled after you have been refused insurance. The most important thing is to behave well on the road and to avoid any further accidents.