What's a station wagon? It is important to know that when we talk about a station wagon, we are talking about the body of the car. This term is a false Anglicism that refers to family cars in French Canada. It is a type of bodywork that is very similar to sedans, but with a roof that extends to the rear of the vehicle. It is also known as "estate" in the United Kingdom or "station wagon" in the United States. Originally, this type of carriage was used to train horses, and later evolved to carry objects and people.

How to choose your station wagon according to your profile?

There are a few main characteristics to take into account to link your choice of station wagon with your profile. For people who prefer the practical side of buying a car, a 4 to 5m station wagon would be the most judicious choice. In urban areas, if you have a small garage, there are versatile estate cars from 4m to 4.25m.  There are also the premium class station wagons, for those who are looking for aesthetics.  However, their prices are still a little high, whether they are new or used.

Advantages of a station wagon

This kind of car has some major advantages over others.  A station wagon is very versatile because of its perfect mix between a sedan or a road limousine and its utility side. In addition to its ability to carry a fairly heavy load, it also has remarkable modularity thanks to its folding seats. In addition, the rear seats of most models can be split into two or three parts, as needed, so as not to disturb the passengers' seats. Thus, thanks to a very rewarding and rather rare aesthetic, their purchase price is really worth it.

Disadvantages of a station wagon

There are, however, a few negative points to be aware of. Although rare, the aesthetics of this type of car won't please everyone, as it's very subjective and not very consensual. Its price is quite high compared to the base sedan from which it is derived. It's also larger than the sedan, which results in higher fuel consumption. While a station wagon is classy and practical, reselling it is still very difficult.