Because of their adventurous look and their ability to weave their way through urban environments, crossover cars are becoming more and more popular and are competing with SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. Knowing that a recurring confusion exists today between SUVs and crossovers, we'll take a closer look at what a crossover really is.

Crossover vehicle: what exactly are we talking about?

First appearing in the United States at the end of the 1980s, the concept of "crossover", which means "mixture", also called "crossover" or "multi-purpose", refers to a vehicle resulting from the crossover between a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) and a sedan, even a monospace or coupé. The advantage of this crossover is that it takes the qualities of these different types of vehicles and brings them together in a single vehicle: the crossover. This definition of the crossover then allows this type of vehicle to distinguish itself from classic SUVs which also result from the meeting of 2 series of cars, but which are produced on a larger chassis.

Close-up on the characteristics of a crossover car

More concretely, a crossover car takes on some of the characteristics of an SUV, but is in fact mounted on a sedan-like platform. Strangely enough, a crossover benefits from a much higher body height than an SUV and 4×4. However, it is technically less specious than the latter. But although that's the case, it comes with a higher level of comfort. It should also be noted that a crossover is more urban, even urban, although it has a look similar to that of a 4×4. That being said, you won't be able to leave the road behind the wheel of this type of vehicle, which is why it's considered an "urban SUV".

The advantages of the crossover

However, the choice to prefer a crossover to an SUV will be purely aesthetic. Because of its less restrictive size, it's very pleasant to drive in an urban environment, especially when you have to perform manoeuvres. Like SUVs, crossovers are also intended for families and drivers who love to drive their car while feeling like they dominate the road, despite their higher driving position. But in any case, this type of vehicle is sure to appeal to those who plan to drive around town a lot.