Malus: How do I find an insurer?

Being a bad driver means that you have committed traffic violations. Malus is therefore an expression of your accident percentage. This calculation factor is very useful for insurers looking to determine your risk of having an accident. If you have…

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What is automobile insurance per kilometre?

Insurance companies offer customizable contracts to best meet customer requirements. For example, for small car drivers, they can turn to mileage insurance. But what is this? How does it work? Does this option really reduce the insurance bill? How does…

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What’s a crossover?

Because of their adventurous look and their ability to weave their way through urban environments, crossover cars are becoming more and more popular and are competing with SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. Knowing that a recurring confusion exists today between SUVs…

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Choosing the right station wagon

What’s a station wagon? It is important to know that when we talk about a station wagon, we are talking about the body of the car. This term is a false Anglicism that refers to family cars in French Canada….

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Buying a sports car: the pitfalls to avoid

In the world of motoring, the sports car is always in vogue and is always classified as a luxury car. The fame of this type of car reached its peak in 2010 after being forgotten by the large number of…

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Buying an electric car, our advice

The arrival of electric cars has shaken up the automotive sector. Indeed, these models run on an unconventional source of energy: electricity. But what are its advantages over a conventional car? And how do you make the right choice? What…

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