Due to its temporary nature, temporary car insurance is particularly aimed at motorists who are looking for short-term cover that suits their specific needs. It should be stressed, however, that such a contract nevertheless offers limited cover and is subject to specific rules. Close-up on what provisional car insurance is all about

What is term auto insurance?

As its name suggests, term auto insurance is an insurance policy that is in place for a specific period of time to meet the specific needs of motorists. Its validity, which generally varies between one day and 90 days, is shorter than that of a conventional car insurance policy and is therefore of no interest to those who use their car on a daily basis. Thanks to provisional car insurance, you don't have to bother paying an annual premium. At the end of the period of validity, the motorist does not have to terminate the contract because it is not renewed and automatically fades away. The next day, if he takes his car out, he will be driving without insurance. The driver can then renew it if he so chooses. P.S. Term auto insurance generally offers basic coverage: liability insurance, which is the legal minimum for motorists, and legal protection. Depending on offers and insurance companies, other optional coverages may be added to the basic contract.

When should I buy term auto insurance?

There are generally certain situations in which temporary car insurance is recommended: temporary use of an uninsured car; car rental; traveling to a country not covered by the driver's current car insurance; purchase of a vehicle from a foreign country; following cancellation of the car insurance contract; driving in France with a foreign license; purchase of a car at auction; etc.

Taking out temporary car insurance: conditions of subscription

Today's insurers are becoming more and more fussy when it comes to temporary car insurance. Thus, in order to temporarily insure his car, the driver must meet certain conditions. In principle, temporary car insurance is only available to drivers who have held a driving licence for at least two years and to drivers over the age of 21. However, some insurance companies require the driver to be no more than 75 years of age. In addition, the motorist must demonstrate exemplary driving behaviour. This means that the driver must not have committed any traffic violations resulting in a licence suspension or cancellation. Once eligible, the driver only has to gather all the supporting documents required by his insurer: copy of the vehicle registration card of the vehicle to be provisionally insured, copy of the driver's licence and copy of the driver information statement.