A mode of transportation that is becoming increasingly popular with many people, carpooling is a solution for getting around. The principle is simple: it involves sharing a journey between people who know each other or via specialised sites. At present, there is no specialised insurance for carpooling. Nevertheless, with the growing number of sites offering this type of service, you will need to know what precautions to take in terms of insurance.

Carpooling: a flexible transport solution

If you share the same route, why not also share the same means of transportation. This could save you a lot of money because you can share the transportation costs equally. However, the law stipulates that any profit made while carpooling must be declared and taxed according to the tax system in effect. This is due to the increasing number of sites offering carpooling that charge more than the exact expenses. In this case, it's completely out of the realm of carpooling between friends and family. With this new system, it is advisable to follow a few precautions to avoid any form of scam and especially possible accidents.

Precautions to be taken in terms of insurance

There is no special insurance for carpooling. You will be able to use the classic car insurance without any problem. However, you will have to declare to your insurer if you carpool. Indeed, you and your passengers are covered by civil liability insurance. However, to avoid any problems, drivers and passengers must each take responsibility by following a few precautions. The driver should check whether the insurance coverage covers the entire route he or she is about to take. On the passenger's side, it is especially important to check whether the driver has any malicious points. This can increase the risk of an accident. It is also advisable for passengers to have third-party liability insurance that could compensate them in the event of an accident.

What to do in case of an incident on the way?

On the journey, the responsibility falls to the driver in case of an incident. Classic car insurance allows compensation for him, but also for the passengers. You just have to make sure that civil liability coverage is available. This applies only to road accidents that may occur. For other incidents such as delays or damaged luggage, you have to comply with the contract signed by the protagonists. Therefore, anything that is not in the contract cannot be appealed to the courts.