For a new mode of travel, to avoid traffic jams, carpooling is one of the solutions. It consists of making the same journey for those who live in the same neighbourhood or those who have the same itinerary. What is the principle of carpooling? What are the advantages and why carpool?

What is the principle of carpooling?

The principle of carpooling is the fact of making a common journey in a car driven by a non-professional driver with one or more third party passengers. A journey organised by the driver whose passengers bend over at the meeting point for the departure and the place of arrival. The passenger may make only part of the journey. If the journey is regular, the driver and passengers can work together to improve their organisation. The driver, in order to rest a little over a long distance, can ask a passenger to replace him. Cost sharing is determined at the driver's discretion. These costs include fuel, possible tolls and also overheads: maintenance and insurance. However, the driver must not make a profit in order not to violate the law on carpooling.

The advantages of carpooling

One of the benefits of carpooling for passengers is the reduction of fatigue and stress in everyday life. Another benefit, and not the least, is the reduction of the carbon footprint: less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and a significant reduction in non-renewable energy consumption. For the driver, the sharing of daily expenses such as fuel and tolls. Carpooling also contributes to reducing traffic congestion because fewer cars on the road network. For the companies practicing carpooling, the social climate, relations and communication between employees are improved.

Arrangements for the practice of carpooling

For the driver, used to travelling alone, he must be careful not to frustrate the passengers. Good manners are a must for everyone. Payment is made by bank transfer or credit card or via the Paypal system. The option to pay in cash is not recommended for both parties. In fact, the passenger or driver may not show up for the appointment at the last moment. And concerning the insurance, the compulsory third party liability coverage must be up to date to take care of the passengers in case of accident.